Don't Breathe 2 (2021)

As both hybrid release strategies and the Delta variant continue to wreak havoc on box office (The Suicide Squad is the latest victim of both), luring audiences to the multiplex has become a difficult task, with studios grappling with the difficult question of what film is worth the money, hassle, and potential risk. I can confidently, nay, boldly say that this weekend's schlock horror Don't Breathe 2 is not worth any of the above after 99 increasingly horrible minutes. Save your money, and you'll save yourself.

The unexpected popularity of the Sam Raimi-directed home invasion film meant that a sequel was unavoidable, regardless of its necessity (the final scene practically guaranteed one). So now, five years later, as the briskly efficient film about burglars meeting their match has long since faded from our memories, and at a time when a pointless sequel like this feels even more pointless than ever, here it is, an unforgivably dull piece of product that should never have breathed in the first place.

The first film took a well-known plot and gave it a fresh spin. What if the home being broken into (by three young and penniless burglars) was owned by a blind guy, and what if that blind man was an ex-military killing machine with a kidnapped girl in the basement whom he had artificially inseminated? By the absurd, and sticky, conclusion, it had lost some steam, but director Fede Alvarez (who had shown a flair for gory excess in his Evil Dead remake) had squeezed more than enough tension from the setup to leave audiences delighted, and a $10 million budget had ballooned to a $157 million global gross. The film's sleeper success, though, hasn't plagued the society since, and a belated, schedule-filling sequel feels unnecessary.
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