Death on the Nile: Is the Murder on the Orient Express 2022

Following in the footsteps of 2017's "Murder on the Orient Express," "Death on the Nile" will bring another of Agatha Christie's murder mystery novels to life. The sequel, directed by Kenneth Branagh and anchored by his portrayal as Belgian investigator Hercule Poirot, also features a large cast of talented actors and actresses.

The film has been delayed from its intended December 2019 release date due to a number of issues, including studio reshuffles following Disney's acquisition of 21st Century Fox and, of course, the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

"Death on the Nile" is finally in theaters after a six-year wait, and Christie aficionados and lovers of Branagh's Poirot (or his directing) may be asking how to see it. For more information, see the sections below.

When "Death on the Nile" is released, it will only be available to see in cinemas. The film is being released as a theatrical exclusive, and no streaming details have been announced yet, but given the recent releases of films like "Free Guy" and "West Side Story" on Hulu, HBO Max, and Disney+, the film will most likely be available on at least one of those streaming services within the next few months.

The SS Karnak, a steamboat that promises passengers an exciting journey down the Nile River, is full of secrets. Linnet Ridgeway-nefarious Doyle's love triangle is to blame for her fate. To rewind, Linnet was requested by a friend, Jacqueline De Bellefort, to recommend Simon Doyle, Bellefort's boyfriend and fiancé. However, when Linnet falls in love with Simon, she intervenes and expresses her affections, prompting Simon to dump Jacqueline and marry Ridgeway. Linnet and Simon chose to spend their honeymoon on a voyage from Egypt to Africa, which swiftly goes sour when Linnet is murdered. Because Hercule Poirot is on holiday in the area, he takes on the case.

Who Is in the “Death on the Nile” Cast?

As detective Hercule Poirot, Kenneth Branagh reprises his role from "Murder on the Orient Express." Linnet Ridgeway-Doyle is played by Gal Gadot, with Simon Doyle played by Armie Hammer and Jacqueline De Bellefort played by Emma Mackey. Rosalie Otterbourne, played by Letitia Wright, boards the ship with her mother, Mrs. Salome Otterbourne, an alcoholic romance writer. Lord Windlesham, who proposed to Linnet early in the book but fled to Canada after her refusal, is played by Russell Brand in a limited part.

Where Can I Watch Other Kenneth Branagh Movies?

"Belfast," which earned Branagh a record-breaking number of Oscar nominations, is not yet accessible to stream, although it can be rented for $20 on services like Apple TV+.

On Spectrum On Demand, you may watch "Murder on the Orient Express" in its entirety.

Fans of Harry Potter will recognize Branagh as the cheerful Gilderoy Lockhart in "Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets," which is currently streaming on Peacock and HBO Max.
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