Sing 2

How to Watch 'Sing 2' Online free Streaming

Pigs, a porcupine and co, voiced by an all-star cast, perform to nonstop bangers as Garth Jennings repeats the success of his 2016 hit movie

Like many of the irresistibly catchy pop songs it showcases, Sing 2 follows a tried and tested formula. Hapless koala bear promoter Buster Moon (Matthew McConaughey) must risk failure, humiliation and being chucked out of the window of a luxury hotel to put on a show. His animal stars (including two pigs, an elephant, a gorilla and a porcupine) overcome various obstacles to perform to a non-stop soundtrack of pop and rock bangers. What’s more, everything rests on luring a reclusive star – in this case Clay Calloway (Bono) – out of retirement. It’s a formula, after all, that made a considerable hit out of the first film, which was also written and directed by Garth Jennings. While there are no surprises whatsoever here, the perky charm remains.

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