Moonshot 2022

Sophie (Lana Condor), like many other 20-somethings her age, is faced with a plethora of options. There's the future, the family, and the job, to be sure. But it's the big decision, the important one, the one that stands out—what to do about him—that she's actually perplexed. Calvin (Mason Gooding), her long-term boyfriend, has relocated with his family and taken a job outside of town. As in, it's a long way out of town. Calvin, a published scientist, was meant to be on a temporary assignment, but "temporary" is starting to seem more like "permanent." Then there's Walt (Cole Sprouse), who is faced with options as well, although perhaps not as many.

He's comfortable with his solitary existence and his dead-end assistant barista job in a college bookstore. That is, until he meets Ginny (Emily Rudd), and the hours he spends with her from sunset until sunrise convince him that she is the one. Time flies when you're having fun. But, alas, Ginny wakes up at the crack of morning, ready to go on her new life. "Moonshot," a romantic comedy with a twist, follows Walt and Sophie as they band together to reunite with their significant others, starting on an exciting adventure that takes them both wildly and unexpectedly off course.

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