Denzel Washington's take on Will Smith's Oscars barb at Chris Rock

During the commercial break after the assault, the seasoned actor was one of the first to approach Smith. "That night, the devil took a hold of him," he claimed.

Denzel Washington witnessed Will Smith's live at the Oscars jibe at Chris Rock and was one of the performers who approached his colleague after the incident, along with Bradley Cooper. Washington revealed his version of events over a week after the incident broke, including specifics about what transpired during the commercial break.

It should be noted that Smith returned to the stage half an hour after the violent episode to accept the Oscar for Best Actor. He said in his address that Washington had warned him, "Be careful at your highest moment, that's when the devil comes for you."

Following the altercation, Washington, who was seen soothing Smith down, corroborated his colleague's remarks and elaborated on them. "'When the devil ignores you, you know you're doing something wrong,' as the phrase goes. 'Oh no, leave him alone, he's my favorite,' says the devil. When the devil visits you, it's possible that it's because you're attempting to do the right thing. And, for whatever reason, the devil took advantage of the situation that night."

During the commercial break that followed, Washington, Tyler Perry, and Bradley Cooper were seen talking to Smith after Smith hit Rock in the face for a joke thrown at his wife, Jada Pinkett Smith, who was seated in the front row.

"I couldn't have just sat in my seat like that. That is not my personality "said the actor. "There were individuals present, which was fortunate. Not only me, but others as well, such as Tyler Perry, who came over and prayed with me right away. I don't want to reveal anything we discussed. Who are we to pass judgment on him? I don't know all the details of the scenario, but I do know that prayer was the only option "Added he.

Will Smith is taken aside and consoled by Denzel Washington and Tyler Perry.

Will Smith resigned from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences in Hollywood on Friday after publicly apologizing to Rock on social media.

In a statement, the actor said, "I am withdrawing from membership in the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, and will accept any other repercussions the Board sees appropriate." "At the 94th Academy Awards, I did something startling, horrible, and inexcusable. Chris, his family, several of my dear friends, everyone in attendance, and the worldwide audience at home are among those I have injured."

"I had compromised the Academy's faith in me. I'm devastated, "Smith stated his opinion.

Smith's resignation was accepted by the Hollywood Academy, according to a statement issued by its president, David Rubin. However, it also stated that the disciplinary process initiated against the actor for violating the entity's code of conduct will continue.

Will Smith slams Chris Rock.

Meanwhile, Rock made his first public reference to what transpired during a stand-up concert he performed in Boston. He stated that he is still "digesting what transpired" at the time.

The comedian has been praised for his handling of the situation.

Rock's professionalism, according to Oscar producer Will Packer, allowed the program to go on.

Rock refused to press charges, so authorities took no action, according to Parker.

Will Smith's emotion on winning the Oscar for Best Actor for KIng Richard.

The Oscar ovation Smith received has been heavily condemned, with accusations that Hollywood did not take the attack seriously.

The acclaim, according to Packer, was for the actor and his performance, not for the incident.

"I believe the folks in that room who stood up, I believe they stood up for someone they knew, who was a peer, a friend, a brother, who has a career of more than three decades of being the polar antithesis of what we saw at that moment," he said. "All of these folks had seen their friend at his lowest point and hoped to cheer him up."

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